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This habit begins with the use of candles to decorate Christmas trees in homes of German upper class in the eighteenth century. This custom was not impractical and that caused frequent fires in homes, even insurance companies refused to pay the damages caused by this reason.


The first Christmas tree decorated with electric lights emerged in the United States, its development was parallel to that of the bulbs, in 1882 a friend of Thomas Edison who was then vice president of the Edison Electric Light, Edward Johnson, had the idea of ​​decorating Christmas tree of his New York home with 80 incandescent lamps designed by him with the colors of the American flag: red, white and blue.


As expected, the idea of ​​Johnson ended up being a publicity stunt to show that the bulbs was a practical invention.

luces navidad edison

And it is in the middle of the century that is becoming common to decorate buildings, streets and private spaces with decorative chains separating them from their origin to complement the Christmas tree. Although the idea did not become popular until the twenties because they were an expensive resource for the middle class.

Over the years, the use has spread throughout the world and it is a long-awaited usual at this time, they are grow lights that make the illusion contributing to the beauty of the homes, streets, towns and cities.

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