The biological effects of illumination

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The so-called biodynamic lighting is lighting that resembles the temporal rhythm of the sun throughout the day and night.

According to research in neuroscience influence of light on brain neurotransmitters modifies attention and behavior, affecting the endocrine system and through it to all biological systems, which directly impacts on human health and work performance.


The circadian cycle of light, night-day, produces a cyclic stimulation of neurotransmitters. Our biological clock responds to light.

Today it is possible to better understand the spectral sensitivity, and has been shown that blue light has a greater activating effect than red light. And its incidence in the eye determines the overall quality of lighting. Have done much research comparing the effects on health, and waking in people who work and live in different lighting conditions.


There are technical systems using electronic programmers artificially reproduce the time variation of natural light, changing the intensity and the same sun, changing the color profile, including changing the angle of incidence, depending on the time of day.

This can be vital in underground working environments.

Light is quality of life; It can be stimulating or relaxing, motivating and tranquilizer. ...

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